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Our company always regards product quality as the foundation and considerate services as survival basis of enterprises. New and old customers are welcomed to visit our company, Business inspection and negotiation of other manufacturers are also welcomed, so that to establish good cooperation relationship and improve the enterprise management level .

  • Oil Free Screw Air Compressor

    Oil Free Screw Air Compressor

    The company's oil-free screw air compressor removes the oil, water, and dust from the compressed gas through the post-equipment and reaches the...

  • Piston Oilless Air Compressor

    Piston Oilless Air Compressor

    Our company specializes in the production of large-scale oil-free air compressors, L-type water-cooled double-acting reciprocating piston oilless air...

  • Piston Refrigeration Air Compressor

    Piston Refrigeration Air Compressor

    The piston refrigeration air compressor is composed of a semi-closed refrigeration compressor, an air-cooled condenser, a liquid reservoir, a dry filter, a...

  • Explosion proof Piston Air Compressor

    Explosion proof Piston Air Compressor

    Our company specializes in the sales and installation of air compressor screw air compressors, installation, maintenance of screw air compressors, and...

  • Miniature Piston Air Compressor

    Miniature Piston Air Compressor

    Features: 1. The appearance of the host machine that has obtained the national patent is beautiful and generous. 2. All technical performance indicators...

  • Oilless Piston Air Compressor

    Oilless Piston Air Compressor

    Applications: 1. Gold plating, copper plating industry applications. In the electroplating cleaning process, it is necessary to use the compressor to remove...



Jiangsu Fucai Air Compressor Industrial Co., Ltd. has the strong technical force and integrated solutions in designing, manufacturing, testing, measuring, and detection of air compressors. The product development department could undertake to design air compressors of various specifications.

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