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Air compressor outlet pressure is too low to deal with the method
- Apr 24, 2018 -

1. It is recommended to check the pipeline for air leakage, if not, increase the air compressor;

2. Remove the intake valve for maintenance or replace the maintenance kit;

3. Exclude the leak;

4. Adjust the upper pressure limit up to the required set point and must be within the rated pressure range;

5. Overhaul the air compressor pressure switch and replace it if it cannot be repaired;

6. Adjust the computer settings, and do the pressure transmitter, correct, if the transmitter fails, replace the new product;

7. Remove the load solenoid valve for maintenance and replace it if it cannot be repaired;

8. Remove and maintain the air filter and change the filter if it blocks the filter;

9. Check whether the differential pressure of the oil separator has reached 0.8- to 1kg, and if so, replace the new product;

10. Adjust the air compressor drive belt and replace it if it is damaged;

11. Replace the intake coupling;

12. Replace the synchronous motor with new one.