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Air compressors are mainly used in which industries
- May 02, 2018 -

Power Industry

Main applications: instrumentation compressed air system, ash removal compressed air system, factory mixed compressed air system, water treatment including boiler make-up water treatment and industrial wastewater treatment system, and hydropower equipment will also have equipment compressed air system.

Chemical fiber industry

Main application: The cotton spinning industry mainly uses clean compressed air as the power source, which requires high oil content. The chemical fiber industry mainly uses instrument gas and suction wire guns, and printing and dyeing are mainly power and instrument air.

Light industry

1. Food and Beverage: No contact, indirect contact and direct contact without contact with gas: The gas source can be provided by scroll compressors, such as cans, beverage bottles, direct contact: such as raw materials, stirring, fermentation, etc., for oil The amount required is very high, and it is necessary to deodorize the compressed air.

2. Pharmaceutical industry: Non-contact is mainly used for power execution and instrumentation. Direct contact is due to large gas consumption and smooth gas. At the same time, it requires high air quality. Generally, centrifugal type is used. If the gas volume is not large, scroll machine can be used. Add post-processor, or oil-free screw.

3. Cigarette industry: Compressed air is the main power source other than electricity. It is generally used in equipment such as the injection machine, cigarette reels, packaging, and packaging, as well as instrumentation, power execution, and equipment cleaning.

4. Rubber and plastic products: mainly used for power execution, instrument gas, plastics are also used for blow molding process.

Metallurgical industry:

Metallurgical industry is divided into steel industry and nonferrous metal smelting and production industry

1. Iron and steel industry: let if the power to perform, instrument gas, purge instrument

2. Non-ferrous metal smelting and manufacturing: mainly used for power execution, instrument gas, spraying 5. Water plant Mainly used for power execution