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Consider gas use conditions and conditions
- Mar 13, 2018 -

Such as the use of gas space is small (marine, vehicle), should choose the vertical; if the gas occasions have long-distance changes (more than 500 meters), you should consider the mobile type; if the occasion can not supply, you should choose diesel-driven If there is no tap water on the occasion, you must choose the air-cooled type.

In air-cooled and water-cooled cooling systems, users often have the wrong understanding that water cooling is good, but it is not. The air-cooled type of small-sized compressors at home and abroad accounts for about 90%. This is because the air-cooled design is simple and the water source is not needed.

The fatal disadvantages of water-cooled compressors are fourfold: they must have a complete water system, and they have a large investment; the water-cooled coolers have a short life; in the north, they can easily freeze the cylinders; in normal operation, a lot of water is wasted.