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Consider the level of exhaust pressure and the size of the exhaust
- Mar 13, 2018 -

General purpose aerodynamic compressor discharge pressure is 0.7MPa, old standard is 0.8MPa. At present, there is a type of air compressor with an exhaust pressure of 0.5 MPa, which is irrational from the standpoint of use because the pressure margin is too small for pneumatic tools, and gas transmission distances that are a little longer cannot be used. In addition, from the design point of view, this kind of compressor is designed for one-stage compression, and the pressure ratio is too large, which can easily cause the exhaust gas temperature to be too high, resulting in carbon deposition on the cylinder, leading to accidents. If the compressor used by the user is more than 0.8 MPa, it must be specially manufactured. The method of forced pressurization cannot be adopted to avoid accidents.

The displacement is one of the main parameters of the air compressor. The air volume of the selected air compressor must be matched with the required air volume, and a 10% margin is left. If the air volume is large and the air compressor discharge volume is small, when the pneumatic tool is started, the air compressor discharge pressure will be greatly reduced, and the air moving tool cannot be driven. Of course, blindly pursuing large displacements is also wrong, because the larger the displacement, the larger the motor that the compressor is equipped with, which is not only high, but also a waste of acquisition funds. It also wastes electricity and energy when used.