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Consider the quality of compressed air
- Mar 13, 2018 -

Compressed air produced by general air compressors contains a certain amount of lubricating oil and a certain amount of water. In some cases, oil is banned and water is banned. In this case, attention must be paid not only to the selection of the compressor, but also to the attachment when necessary.

The solution: First, use a non-lubricated compressor. This type of compressor cylinder is substantially free of oil and its piston rings and packing are typically PTFE. However, this kind of machine also has drawbacks, poor lubrication, high failure rate; PTFE is also a harmful substance, food and pharmaceutical industry can not be used; non-lubricated compressors can only do gas without oil, can not be done without water. The second and most common method is to add a primary or secondary purifier or dryer to the air compressor (regardless of the type). This device can make the compressor air neither oil nor water, so that the amount of oil and water in the compressed air is below 5ppm, to meet the process requirements.