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High pressure air compressors work flow
- Dec 08, 2016 -

High pressure air compressor mainly consists of compressor, driven machines (electric motors), Interstage coolers, separation and purification process of compressed air equipment comprising pressure display, control and safety devices. Below is the work flow. Dang drive machine through v-belts drive compressor work Shi, free State of air after intake filter device (1) was sucking to a level cylinder (I) within, compression to must pressure, discharge to primary and secondary between cooling device (2) and separation device (3) within, by cooling and oil and gas separation Hou into two level cylinder (ii), was further compression to more high pressure Hou discharge to III between cooling device (4) and separation device (5), for cooling and filter to compression air in the of oil and condensation liquid, To enter the three-level cylinder (ⅲ) compressed to the final required pressure, then enters the separator (7) filters purifiers (8) to remove the oil from the compressed air, condensate and steam to get cool, clean, odorless and high pressure high pressure cylinder of air filled with qualified use. From cylinders after the separator at all levels are separated and filter the oil and condensate through the drain valve (9) regular discharge or collect dirt in tank.