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Oil-free air compressor
- Dec 08, 2016 -

Oil-free air compressor is the core of the great host of secondary compression. Finishing of the rotor after 20 procedures, make the rotor line to achieve unmatched accuracy and durability. Filled with high quality bearings and precision gears, to ensure the axiality of rotor, the rotor precisely matched to keep it running efficiently and reliably for a long time.

Abrasion resistance of oversize bearings can easily bear all load to ensure the hosts correctly. Is seal key step, air leak-proof stainless steel materials for seals, while the leak-proof seal with the durable design of labyrinth. This group of seals can not only avoid the impurities of into the rotor, but also to prevent air leakage to ensure continuous output clean and oil-free compressed air.

To achieve the optimal speed and rotor life optimization, another advantage of the oil free screw compressor is the host using a precision gear and drive gear shaft input also improved with lip seals in order to prevent oil from leaking into the unit.