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Open air compressor industry growth of energy saving opportunities
- Dec 08, 2016 -

Machinery industry remains the major market air compressors, 40% per cent of total sales, chemical industry, electric power industry demand is growing fast. In the field of power, sales of piston-type compressors than other products. But as the use of environment and energy, environmental protection and other areas require improvement, screw and scroll and other energy-saving type air compressor will have more room for the market in the future.

On the 18 session, energy conservation and environmental protection issues have also been incorporated into China's economy, "upgrade" meetings. Leveraging the national policy of energy saving and emission reduction, air compressor energy saving products in the industry of the future will be a recession winner. Enterprises should invest more in product research and development, continue to produce more superior products, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Data shows that our air compressor industry growth are 8% per cent of the growth in the market, growth rates than in the 28% 2010-2011, the size of the market expanded rapidly. However, in such a big market, held by the foreign market for a long time in the past. 2009-nearly 400 air compressor industry total production enterprises in China, domestic-funded enterprises near 90%, total sales of about 6 billion yuan, accounting for 40% of the industry-wide; number of foreign-funded enterprises is close to 10%, total sales of about 9 billion yuan, accounting for 60% of the whole industry.