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What is the problem of oil leakage in piston air compressors
- Apr 27, 2018 -

Press leakage problem:

1. Oil seal off or oil seal defect oil spill.

2. Spindle looseness leads to oil seal leakage.

3. The joint surface leaks, and the inlet and outlet oil pipe joints are loosened.

4. The belt is too tight and causes the main bearing to wear.

5. Casting or machining defects can also cause air compressor oil leakage.

Air compressor oil leakage fault judgment and elimination method:

1. Air compressor oil leakage, pay attention to observe the location of the oil seal, check the oil seal for cracks, whether the internal lip crack or flanging. One of the above conditions should be replaced; check whether the seal and spindle joint surface scratches and defects, there are scratches and defects should be replaced. Check whether the return oil is unimpeded and the poor oil return causes the crankcase pressure to be too high to cause the oil seal to leak or fall off. The minimum diameter of the return pipe must be ensured, and the oil pipe should not be twisted or bent, and the return oil should be smooth. Check the size of the oil seal and the box, and replace it if it does not meet the standards.

2. Move the spindle to check if the neck gap is too large. If the gap is too large, replace the bearing bush and oil seal.

3. Inspect the sealing of the joint seals, repair or replace the seals; check the inlet and return joint bolts and box threads and tighten.

4. Air compressor oil leakage Check and re-adjust the tightness of the belt, thumb press 10 mm is appropriate.

5. Air compressor oil leakage, need to check the box casting or machining defects, repair or replace defective parts.