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Air Compressor Application Easy To Operate, High Production Efficiency
- Jun 02, 2017 -

Air Compressor Application Air spraying is currently used in the spraying industry, a wide range of finishing process. Compressed air is the main source of air spray system, the use of compressed air flow through the spray gun coating method of spraying, widely used in automobiles, hardware, furniture and other industries.

Air spray can be said to be a convenient operation, easy color change, high production efficiency, atomization effect, you can get fine corrosion of high-quality surface coating method.

In air spraying, the main purpose of the air system is to provide stable, non-polluting compressed air. With the continuous improvement of the spraying process, the quality of the user requirements are getting higher and higher. As the compressed air is mixed with the paint, so in the user's use,Air Compressor Application must ensure that the supply of compressed air compressed air, no oil, no water, no impurities, otherwise it will seriously affect the quality of finishing.

Particulate impurity is a natural enemy of spraying, and its presence seriously affects the surface quality of the coating. Not only a direct impact on the appearance of the coating, but also a direct impact on the painting a pass rate. Especially in the high-level decorative products coating occasions,Air Compressor Application must require smooth and smooth paint, no particles, bright as a mirror, that is the surface of the product is not allowed to have particles of impurities.

And compressed air in the oil or water can cause shrinkage, pinholes, bubbles, pitting and other quality defects. Shrinkage is one of the most taboo defects in the spraying process. It not only affects the appearance quality of the coating, but also the shrinkage of the exposed coating can destroy the integrity of the coating. It can not be eliminated by the ordinary grinding and polishing method. And shrinkage phenomenon once produced, it is difficult to find a reason in a short time to eliminate, but also lead to production can not be normal. If the electrophoresis bath is contaminated lead to shrinkage, even if the timely detection of sources of pollution to eliminate, may also affect a few weeks or months.

In the spray construction,Air Compressor Application the pressure of compressed air can not have large fluctuations, must be controlled within a certain range. If the pressure is too low, will make the paint is not fully atomized, the film is not uniform; and the air pressure is too high, although the paint liquid atomization is good, but will make the paint fog faster lead to paint loss increases, if the high pressure air Sprayed on the uncured film, it is easy to produce pits and small bubbles and other paint defects.

Spraying industry in the use of compressed air must consider the purification of the problem, this should be equipped with a reasonable refrigeration dryer, filter and gas tank to purify the compressed air. And in the purchase of air compressor choose to run reliable, stable and efficient air compressor,Air Compressor Application so as to ensure the quality of compressed air, improve production efficiency and enhance product competitiveness.