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Air Compressor Application Keep Clean And Dry
- Oct 12, 2017 -

1. The Air Compressor Application operating environment should be kept clean and dry. The tank shall be placed in a well ventilated area and shall not be subjected to welding or hot working within 15 m radius.

2. The tank and the gas pipeline shall be tested once every two years. The pressure gauge and the safety valve shall be checked at least once a year.

3. Start the Air Compressor Application must be carried out in a no-load state, to be running normally after the gradual entry into the load operation.

4. Before opening the air supply valve, should be connected to the gas pipeline, gas pipeline should be kept open, can not be distorted and notify the relevant personnel before they can get gas. No one is allowed to work or stand before the outlet. The tank should be placed in a ventilated area, forbid sunlight and high temperature baking.

5. The maximum pressure in the tank can not exceed the nameplate, the safety valve should be sensitive and effective.

6. In and out of the valve, bearings and components should be no abnormal or overheating.

7. When one of the following conditions is found, should immediately stop the inspection to find out the reasons to be troubleshooting, to work: leakage, leakage, leakage or cooling water suddenly interrupted; pressure gauge, thermometer, ammeter instructions exceeded the provisions; Sudden increase in pressure, exhaust valve, safety valve failure; mechanical abnormal sound or motor brush a strong spark.

8. Operation due to lack of water caused by the cylinder overheating and shutdown, can not immediately add cold water, the cylinder must be naturally cooled to below 60 ℃ to add water.

9. Electric Air Compressor Application power cord installation must meet the requirements of safe electricity specifications, repeated grounding solid, electric shock protection action sensitive. In case of power failure, should immediately cut off the power, to be restarted after the call.

10. When stopping, the load should be removed and the main clutch should be disengaged. The operation of the internal combustion engine or motor should be stopped.

11. After shutdown, close the cooling water valve, open the release valve, release the cooler and gas tank at all levels of oil and gas and gas. When the temperature below 5 ℃, the parts should be discharged after the water to leave.

12. When using compressed air to purge parts, it is forbidden to align the air outlet to the human body or other equipment.

13. After the work is completed, the remaining gas in the tank will be released. Winter should let cool water.

CNC machine tools, with high frequency commutation, can be a wide range of speed, high precision machining, simplify the structure of the machine and other characteristics, and compressed air as a power source, mainly used in the following devices:

1, the movement of machine parts, mainly used for sports transmission, such as the spindle, table movement and so on.

2, CNC machine tools in the auxiliary device. Such as fixed cycle, automatic tool change, the work of the clamping release, automatic doors of the opening and closing, blowing; workpiece clamping, the workpiece on the automatic, cutting, transport stacking and so on. Can shorten the processing of auxiliary time, reduce the labor intensity of workers, give full play to the efficient performance of CNC equipment.

3, can be used for automatic wiping, such as the workpiece, exchange table, tool positioning surface, etc.

4, to maintain the balance of moving parts,Air Compressor Application such as the balance of the spindle box, the robot, the knife of the balance device and so on.

5, in the detection function, such as the confirmation of the workpiece position, the identification of the role of tool defects and so on.

As the working environment of the machine is generally more complex and harsh, especially the coolant splash atmosphere, if the use of inappropriate pneumatic components, often there will be abnormal phenomenon, and CNC machine tools are usually set mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and other dry One of the processing equipment, composed of the various parts of the machine between the close contact, any part of the failure will affect the other part of the normal work, large CNC machine tools have thousands of components,Air Compressor Application fault inspection, maintenance difficult Has always been one of the toughest problems. Therefore, in the choice of CNC machine tools used in the Air Compressor Application, we must use a reliable, practical brand and product.