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Air Compressor Maintenance Is More Stringent
- Aug 04, 2017 -

Air compressor is a more complex equipment, so its maintenance is more stringent. Generally divided into four stages: daily maintenance, monthly maintenance, quarterly maintenance, annual maintenance.

1, daily maintenance

Check the oil level, check the air filter and coolant level, check the hose and all the pipe joints are leaked, check the consumable parts have been to the replacement cycle must be shut down to be replaced, check the host exhaust temperature, to reach or close to the warning temperature, The oil cooler must be cleaned to check the separator pressure difference, up to 0.6 bar or more (limit 1 bar) or when the pressure differential begins to decrease.

2, monthly maintenance

Check the cooler, if necessary, to clean, check all wire connections and tighten, check the AC contactor contacts, clean the motor suction port surface and the surface of the dust, clean the oil return filter, check the air compressor settings Consistent with running.

3, quarterly maintenance

Clean the main motor and fan motor, replace the oil filter, clean the cooler, check the minimum pressure valve, safety valve, check the sensor.

4, annual maintenance

Replace the oil filter, the oil filter, the safety valve calibration, check the elastic coupling, check the cooling fan, clean the automatic sewage valve, add or replace the motor grease.

The daily maintenance and repair records of the screw air compressor can be recorded on a regular or irregular basis or after maintenance. Accurate records conducive to air compressor failure in a timely manner to resolve troubleshooting. Maintenance records The main contents are inspection, cleaning, adjustment, replacement, replacement and the corresponding time.

Compressor cooling The replacement time of the lubricating oil depends on the use of the environment, humidity, dust and air in the presence of acid or alkaline gas. A. Machine using ordinary cooling oil: the new compressor for the first time after 500 hours to replace the new oil, after the normal oil change cycle every 2500 hours or once a year. B. Machines that use super coolers: Replace every 8000 hours or every two years. Non-continuous operation of the air compressor should be timely oil change. The sealed compressor should be changed once every two years.

The oil filter must be replaced after the first 500 hours of use, and the second time after 1000 hours of replacement, after the normal time every 2500 hours to replace.

Repair and replace the air filter or intake valve, remember to prevent any debris into the head, the operation will be closed when the host entrance. After the operation is completed, the direction of rotation by the host according to the direction of rotation, to determine without any obstacles in order to boot.

In the machine every 3000-4000 hours or so to check the belt tightness, if the belt loose, to adjust the nut until the belt tension and spring play so far; in order to protect the belt, in the whole process to prevent the belt due to oil pollution And scrapped.

Each time oil change, must also replace the oil filter.

Motor maintenance method

The motor environment should always be kept dry, the surface should be kept clean, the inlet should not be dust, fiber and other debris. When the motor thermal protection and short circuit protection continuous action, should check whether the fault from the motor or overload, or because the protection device is set too low, the fault can be put into operation before being cleared. Motor bearing running 1500 ~ 2000h should be added grease, the maximum bearing temperature does not exceed 120 ℃, the temperature is lower than 70 ℃, the interval of additional grease may be appropriate to extend. When filling the oil, use the oiling gun. First, grease the grease on the drain pipe, add the new grease until the original grease is drained from the drain hole, wipe with a rag, and the oil is finished.

Air compressor routine maintenance and maintenance records can be recorded regularly or irregularly, or after maintenance records, accurate records conducive to the failure of air compressor failure analysis and troubleshooting. Maintenance records The main contents are inspection, cleaning, adjustment, replacement, replacement and the corresponding time.