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Air Compressor So That The Air Compressor To Run More Scientific And Reasonable
- Sep 27, 2017 -

Like electric energy, compressed air is an indispensable energy carrier for industrial production. With the development of science and technology, air compressor as an important power equipment, is widely used in machinery, metallurgy, building materials, electronic power, chemicals, food, textile, automation and many other industrial fields. However, the air compressor is a high energy consumption equipment, power consumption in some industries accounted for more than 30% of the production power consumption, it is commonly known as "electric tiger."

Energy conservation is a long-term strategic task and basic national policy, but also the implementation of thirteen five plan urgent task. We must thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, to improve energy efficiency as the core; to change the mode of economic growth, adjust the economic structure, accelerate technological progress as the fundamental; strengthen the whole society energy conservation awareness, establish a strict management system, the implementation of effective incentive mechanism; Enhance the ability of sustainable development.

First, the status of traditional air compressor work

The traditional air compressor station consists of N compressors. Air compressor air compressor on the open, stop relying on the pressure station on duty staff management. As the industrial compressor power, in the control of the general use of loading, unloading control, that is, x kg load, y kg unloading.

Second, the reasons for energy waste

1, no-load energy consumption high. At present the enterprise compressor for a single N cubic, the compressor open only N or N multiple, air compressor equipment to stop relying on the tradition of manual management. Especially in the gas load changes frequently, the system can not quickly respond, can not achieve the fine tuning of the compressor displacement. This forms the no-load of the compressor at the air compressor station. Under normal circumstances, when the pressure reaches y kg, the air compressor into the unloading running state, when the pressure dropped to x kg, the compressor into the no-load state, that is, close the intake valve to the motor in idle state, The excess compressed air in the separation tank is vented through the vent valve. Close the intake valve to make the motor idle, although you can make the air compressor does not need to compress the gas work, but the air compressor in the idle or to drive the screw or piston to do rotary motion, power consumption continues to occur. The actual detection found that the air compressor when the energy consumption of up to its full load when running 40% to 55%.

2, climbing high energy consumption. The screw compressor has two operating modes, plus, unloading operation mode or no load, full load operation mode. The unloading control mode allows the compressed gas to move back and forth between x and y kg. x kg is the minimum working pressure, that is, to ensure that the user working the minimum pressure (loading pressure). In general, the relationship between x kg and y kg can be expressed by the following equation: y = x + (1 + δ), δ is a percentage, its value is roughly between 10% and 25%. Differential pressure is generally more than one kilogram. Through the theoretical calculation and the actual detection, that air compressor pressure for each additional 1 kg, energy consumption increased by 5-6%. It can be seen, in the addition and unloading of air supply control mode under the air compressor, the working pressure from x to y, there is a pressure to climb the energy consumption, there is a real waste of energy.

At the same time, higher than x kg of gas before entering the gas terminal, the pressure required to reduce the pressure through the valve to close to x kg, the higher the pressure the faster flow rate, which resulted in the same conditions, the higher the pressure The bigger ones. This process is also a process of waste of energy.

3, the traditional management. In the use of air compressor management process, there are two inevitable contradictions. One is the business of air compressor management staff have a clear assessment, then there will often be enough pressure or less open on the less open the habit is not conducive to the normal operation of the production line, or the pressure does not reach the equipment required to use gas Terminal failure increases. The other is the air compressor management staff does not have a clear assessment, which will lead to more open air compressor, air compressor no-load energy consumption results. Regardless of which management model, the results will make air compressor station energy waste increases, and is not conducive to safe production.

4, other. Air compressor air compressor configuration defects or gas consumption with the gas constantly changing, the pipe network gas pressure inevitably produce a more substantial fluctuations. This will lead to frequent increase in air compressor, unloading, frequent adjustment of the intake valve, will accelerate the intake valve wear, increase the amount of maintenance and maintenance into the same time, poor stability of the gas supply, gas supply accuracy can not meet the technological requirements, affecting product quality The

Third, the analysis of energy saving space of air compressor station

Through the air compressor station energy-saving control system on the existing air compressor station to implement energy-saving transformation, can effectively change the traditional air compressor energy waste a huge passive situation. The system mainly from the following aspects of energy savings.

1, reduce the no-load energy consumption. Optimize the air compressor station flow adjustment range, change the traditional air compressor air compressor operation control of a single N cubic or N cubic times the opening and closing mode, to achieve air compressor station 1-N cubic automatic adjustment. The system can automatically adjust the operation according to the actual gas consumption. When the frequent changes in gas consumption, the system can quickly respond, in a timely manner increase or decrease the number of air compressor open and stop, to achieve air compressor gas production fine-tuning, so that on-demand gas, so that the entire air compressor room to run more scientific and reasonable Effectively reduce power consumption. At the same time, you can reduce the air compressor air compressor maintenance and repair costs, to extend the use of air compressor time.

2, reduce the climb energy consumption. System operating pressure, can be maintained between plus or minus 0.2 kg, the basic constant pressure gas supply, reduce the pressure to climb, effectively saving energy. At the same time, the gas supply pressure is stable, is conducive to improving the reliability of the terminal gas equipment, to extend its service life, improve product stability.

3, to achieve multi-machine intelligent control. Increase reliability, reduce labor costs. The system can effectively overcome the manual operation can not be used with the gas changes in a timely manner, accurate adjustment of the drawbacks of air compressor operation. Greatly enhance the level of intelligent air station, reduce the dependence on the artificial, so that the operation of air compressor more scientific and reasonable.