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Air Compressor To Ensure Safe And Reliable Use
- Oct 26, 2017 -

Air Compressor according to the structure of the compressor type to split Air Compressor and rotary Air Compressor two, each sub-light, medium and heavy load three levels. Air Compressor according to the base oil type can be divided into mineral oil type Air Compressor and synthetic Air Compressor two categories.

The storage and management of Air Compressor is an indispensable intermediate link between oil production and its application. Air Compressor storage and transportation management is good or bad, will be directly related to the use of Air Compressor performance and quality of the pros and cons. Air Compressor storage and transportation management can be divided into quantitative management, quality management and safety management of three parts.

Air Compressor and other oil, as poor management will reduce its quality or even cause deterioration. Therefore, the management of oil must be very strict.

Air Compressor in the long-term storage and transportation process, due to the interaction with oxygen in the air will cause oxidative aging, so that oil color becomes darker, acid value increases, and even precipitation, quality deterioration. If the oil oxidation resistance is good, the storage temperature is low, the time is short, the oil container sealed, and the metal contact area is small, the oil is not easy to oxidize deterioration; the other hand, easy to make oil aging, even in a short time Loss of performance.

Air Compressor in the storage and transportation process due to lax management and poor management, often mixed with dust or other solid impurities. These mechanical impurities not only pollute the oil, but also as a strong catalyst to accelerate the oxidation of oil aging. Oily mixed with water, easily lead to emulsification. Water is also an oxidation catalyst that promotes oil oxidation and aging. Mechanical impurities and water at the same time, it will exacerbate the oxidation of oil deterioration.

Compressor lubricants in the storage and transportation should be strict safety management and the corresponding measures. On the oil depot, oil tanks should be built according to safety requirements. Lubricant depots should be monolayer, roofs, roofs and floors should be constructed of non-combustible materials.

Air Compressor in the use of the safety management is mainly to implement fire prevention and protection measures to ensure the safe and reliable use of compressors to protect the health of the operator and life safety.

From the perspective of security management, the following measures and precautions:

Choose the right lubricants is essential, but also to carry out special oil special storage, do not mix with each other;

Must avoid the transition of lubricating oil Air Compressor, and effectively control the fuel supply and lubricating oil consumption quota;

Strict implementation of the operating procedures, especially for the partial load or no-load operation of the compressor to provide strict operating conditions and procedures;

Regular cleaning of the exhaust system, removal of coke; compressor air system, should be avoided to promote the accumulation of oil vapor or oil precipitate structural defects; containers in the dead zone, blind tube, airbag and a small diameter tube into a large Diameter tube.

Compressors, such as installed in poor conditions, inhalation of air containing particulate matter, dust, corrosive gases will affect the service life of the compressor lubricants should be considered to install the intake air filter. At the same time should always be cleaned and regularly replace the intake filter, used to prevent inhalation of particulate matter related to the occurrence of potential accidents.