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Difference Between Single Screw Air Compressor And Twin Screw Air Compressor
- Apr 26, 2018 -

1. Structure: The twin-screw air compressor has few moving parts and simple structure. The rigidity of the male rotor is higher than that of the female rotor, but the male rotor also bears most of the load. The rigid load ratio of the yin and yang rotors is close, the deformation is uniform, and the volume coefficient is high. . The single-screw air compressor has three rotating shafts, which add more moving parts and the structure is more complex. The stiffness of the screw and the star wheel are different, and the deformation is not uniform. Therefore, the accuracy of the teething is difficult to ensure and the volumetric efficiency is slightly lower.

2. Material: Twin-screw air compressor rotor between the teeth for the movement, the instantaneous relative direction of movement of the teeth in the normal friction, there is no special requirements for the material, ordinary materials and ordinary heat treatment can meet the needs.

3. Volumetric efficiency: The single screw is slightly lower, frictional deformation, narrow suction and exhaust passages, and the loss of headlights at high and low cavities results in lower efficiency than twin screws.

4. Deterioration in exhaust gas volume: There is no direct friction between several rotors of the twin-screw rotor and the casing, and the yin and yang rotors are uniformly deformed, and the failure rate is extremely low. Single-screw friction is relatively serious, and the decline in displacement is more serious.

5. In terms of failure rate: The twin-screw air compressor has a low failure rate. There is no direct friction between the rotor and the rotor casing. The yin and yang rotors are uniformly deformed and the failure rate is extremely low. Single screw due to star wheel wear, uneven deformation and processing accuracy is the main cause of failure.

6. Life: Twin screw life is only limited by the bearing life, typically up to 60,000 hours. The life of a single screw air compressor is limited by the life of the star wheel.