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How To Process Screw In Screw Air Compressor
- Apr 26, 2018 -

Because the rotor tooth surface of the screw machine is a space curved surface, special tools must be used for processing on the expensive special equipment. In addition, there is a higher requirement on the machining precision of the screw machine cylinder.

Internal structure:

The screw compressor is composed of a pair of parallel and intermeshing female and male screws and is the most widely used rotary compressor. There are two kinds of single-screw and twin-screw. Generally speaking, a screw compressor refers to a twin-screw compressor.

Screw compressors can be dry and wet. The so-called dry type, ie the working chamber is not liquid, the compressed gas will not be contaminated, and the wet type is that the working chamber is injected with lubricating oil or other liquid to cool the compressed gas. Improve sealing, lubricate the yin and yang rotors and bearings, realize self-drive, and remove the oil or other liquid impurities in the compressed air through a high-precision filter to obtain higher quality compressed gas. The dry type is generally used in places where the gas quality is extremely high and the gas volume is not required. The dry screw has complicated structure, is difficult to maintain, has high noise and high cost; the wet type is the most widely used, simple in structure, easy to maintain, stable and reliable, in the air Commonly used in power engineering.