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Installation Site Selection
- Dec 08, 2016 -

1. Air compressor installation, broad lighting-good place to facilitate the operation and maintenance.

2. Relative humidity of the air should be low, less dust, clean air and good ventilation, away from inflammable and explosive, corrosive chemicals and harmful unsafe goods, avoid places near the dissemination of dust.

3. Air compressor installation, the ambient temperature of the installation site should be higher than 5 degrees in winter, should be below 40 degrees in summer, because the higher the ambient temperature, air compressor discharge temperature is high, it will affect the performance of the compressor, if necessary, the installation site should set the ventilation or cooling device.

4. If the factory environment is poor, dusty, require the installation of the front filter.

5. Air compressor installation place for the compressor unit should be single-row arrangement.

6. Reserved access conditions can be installed overhead crane, in order to facilitate maintenance air compressor equipment.

7. Provision for maintenance space, air compressor with at least 70 cm distance between the walls.

8. Distance from the space at the top of the air compressor at least one meter or more