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Internal Structure Of Screw Compressor
- Dec 08, 2016 -

Screw compressor consists of a pair of parallel, meshing of yin and Yang screw form, is the most widely used a rotary compressor. Two single-screw and twin-screw, commonly called screw compressors are twin screw compressors.

Screw Rod compressor and can has dry type and wet type two species, so-called dry type that work cavity in the not spray liquid, compression gas not was pollution, wet type is refers to work cavity in the spray into lubricants or other liquid to cooling was compression gas, improved sealed, and can lubrication yin, and Yang rotor and bearing, achieved itself drive, again through high precision of filter device will compression air in the of oil or other liquid impurities removed to get high quality of compression gas. Dry type generally used for the gas quality requirements very high gas and requires little dry screw structure is complex, difficult to maintain, the noise level high, high cost; widely used wet, simple structure, easy to maintain, stable and reliable, often used in aerodynamic engineering.