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Piston Air Compressor Good Repairability, Selectable
- Aug 04, 2017 -

The air compressor is used to compress and transport the gas. Pneumatic control and pneumatic control in the economic activities of the increasingly widespread. Making air compressors an indispensable device for many departments Air compressors will inevitably fail during operation. And routine maintenance is to solve the problem in the initial stage, so as not to cause a large mechanical accident at this stage of the general use of air compressors are screw-type air compressor and piston-type air compressor. Screw air compressor to run smooth, low noise And other characteristics of the rapid rise. Piston machine is a new type of piston machine relative to the piston air compressor low price, good repair, selectivity, and is still widely used. Thus the unique maintenance and troubleshooting of the piston book becomes a common problem.

Principle of Air Compressor and Common Phenomenon

Piston air compressors are generally driven by electric motors. So that the crankshaft of the air compressor rotation, and then through the connecting rod to drive the piston in the cylinder to do reciprocating linear motion. The cylinder of the volume of the cyclical changes in the piston and cylinder head on the intake and exhaust read and write match. Constantly inhaled, compressed and exhale the air. To achieve the purpose of generating compressed air compressed air tube tube into the cone tank for use

Common Fault Analysis

Diagnosis failure should be from Jane to Bin, from easy to difficult, by the table and the principle of doing, ask, listen, see, touch, test and demolition work, you can correctly and quickly diagnose the cause of the fault , To be excluded,

1, air compressor machine class failure

(1) with the bolt bolt pull off the reasons: the assembly when the nut was twisted too Xi, connecting rod bolts due to bear the excessive preload and was broken, or tight when the tilt, connecting rod bolts due to uneven Contains a brief and pulled off section or connecting rod bearing overheating, piston jammed or ultra-lean operation. The bolts were pulled off by excessive stress.

(2) the piston stuck or blown to death, the cause: the oil has deteriorated or run bad, so that the piston in the cylinder of the library increased and stuck. Or cold water supply is not uniform, when for a long time, causing a sharp contraction of the cylinder, so that the piston stuck.

(3) bearing heat, cause: the journal and the bearing with the uneven or small contact area per unit area of the pressure section or bearing tilt or crankshaft bending: poor lubrication or oil deterioration.

(4) Cylinder and cylinder head heating causes: cooling water supply shortage section cooling water pipe blockage. Make water supply interrupted. The wind direction is not correct or gas reading work is not normal, resulting in the load reassignment of the cylinder. The cylinder of the cylinder and the cylinder head is increased

(5) the percussion of the cylinder. Cause: Piston or Piston Ring Wear Seal Piston or Piston Ring Clutch Piston or Cylinder Liner Wear Joints Parquet Linkage and Cylinder Centerline No savings Drying volume is too small

(6) suction, exhaust read the business! D sound causes: gas read positioning screw stare is not in place. The valve is subjected to the impact of the airflow The upper and lower jumps are the same as the piston.

(7) the pressure gauge shows the pressure value is very low. Or drop after the air pressure drop more drink, may be exhaust gas can be used to apply soapy water or hear the sound of the check pipe, pipe joints and gas l cover. Vent surface

(8) sudden impact. Cause: Cylinders gather water, produce. Water hammer clamshell break or get gas to read well tighten nuts loose

(9) abnormal picking sound causes: connecting rod bulk relaxation, or rod head relaxation, or bearing between the air too large. Or journal wear round.

2, air compressor internal failure

(1) Check the lubricating oil 0 Check the air compressor Crankshaft box inside the oil level Whether the oil dipstick or oil scale line within the range of oil means that poor lubrication will accelerate the cylinder liner, piston, piston ring and other zero wear, Resulting in a combination of sulfur increased, poor performance of poor woman.General pressure and shake the amount of oil to reduce the amount of oil should be filled with the same grade of lubricating oil. ② Check the quality of the lubricating oil The quality of the lubricating oil may be caused by the piston ring is sucked down. Found that Tong oil contains impurities, color black and other deterioration of the situation. To timely replacement of lubricants.

(2) check the gas l cover and shake the gas pipeline tin degree. If the feeling of more than the normal working tin degrees, the possible reasons are: ① air valve closed lax. Exhausted high-tin gas will return to the cylinder, resulting in lower exhaust gas section ② no oil or oil level is too low. Relative movement parts Tam Tam wear serious

(3) If you hear a notice near the site, see the sound of the slightest mouth. Can be initially determined as the valve and valve seat closed lax, resulting in lack of air or gas pressure slow bread.

(4) air pressure book 'in the work of abnormal sound. If the air compressor is running, there are knock and other abnormal sound, it may be the big link with the crankshaft between the air is too large, the piston pin and piston or connecting rod with the air between the large, piston and piston ring With the original between the original too large, such as bearing damage. At this time, a detailed inspection should be carried out.

(5) check the air tanker. Observe the air tank at the air intake of the air situation if the air intake has been in the intake state, you can confirm the air tanker hair loss if the air tanker intake of little or no intake, it may be Beach core blockage section if the inlet is constantly in and out of the gas like, it may be the intake valve seal lax the last judge the results of the initial judgment above.

(6) check the respirator. If the respirator has been shaking out and not breathing inward. It should be dispatched to check to see if the swing valve is stuck. If the throttle valve is normal, it may be the piston, piston ring and cylinder wear too much to make the gap is too large. Or piston ring on the mouth caused by shaking at this time. Should be suspected of further removal of suspected parts