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Piston Air Compressor Improve Gas Pressure
- Oct 12, 2017 -

Piston Air Compressor according to the working principle can be divided into two types of speed and volumetric.

The working principle of the speed Piston Air Compressor is that the gas is subjected to a large kinetic energy under the action of a high-speed rotating impeller, and then a sharp deceleration in the diffuser makes it possible to convert the kinetic energy of the gas into potential energy to improve the gas pressure. Piston Air Compressor works is: by direct compression of the gas, so that the gas volume to reduce the gas pressure to achieve the purpose. Volumetric type according to the characteristics of the cylinder piston is divided into two types of rotary and reciprocating.

When the piston is reciprocated in the cylinder, the pressure in the left cavity of the piston in the cylinder is lower than the atmospheric pressure. The suction valve is opened and the outside air is in the cylinder. This process is called the compression process. When the cylinder pressure is higher than the output air pipe pressure, the exhaust valve opens. Compressed air sent to the gas pipe, the process known as the exhaust process. The reciprocating motion of the piston is formed by a motor-driven crank slider mechanism. The rotary motion of the crank is converted to a reciprocating motion of the sliding-piston.

Piston Piston Air Compressors are the oldest of all types of compressors that are compressed and conveyed by reciprocating motion in the cylinder. Piston compressors since the invention and the advent of its structure and performance continue to improve, especially with the refining, ethylene, fertilizer and other industries of high-speed development, greatly boost the reciprocating compressor design and manufacturing level. Piston compressor has the advantages of simple structure, long service life, and easy to achieve large capacity and high voltage output, is now moving in large capacity, high pressure, compact structure, low energy consumption, low noise, high efficiency, high reliability, Exhaust gas purification capacity of the strong direction.

The Piston Air Compressor is a special machine used to increase the pressure of the gas to facilitate the transportation and increase the pressure energy of the gas so as to meet the needs of the production process or the power equipment. In the ceramic, glass, toy, garment, machinery manufacturing, Drawing and other industries widely used. Conventional piston compressors rely on the pressure relay to start and stop control, the compression motor generally take the direct start or the traditional step-down start mode, start there is a large electrical and mechanical impact, and the compressor there is a large pressure fluctuations, Start and stop frequently easy to damage, noise, mechanical wear fast, large maintenance, high maintenance costs and practical application defects.

The pressure is measured by the pressure sensor device. To achieve automatic adjustment of the speed and output power of the compression motor to form a closed-loop feedback system to maintain the pressure of the pipe network constant and automatic control.

Piston compressor implementation of frequency control after the transformation of the advantages are as follows:

To achieve a smooth soft start to avoid the electrical and mechanical impact to extend the compression motor and compressor parts life;

TH series inverter start full torque characteristics to meet the requirements of the Piston Air Compressor under heavy load conditions;

To achieve the automatic stepless speed regulation, automatic maintenance of gas supply pressure constant;

To achieve the energy-saving operation, in the excellent automatic control at the same time to achieve energy conservation;

Piston Air Compressor noise greatly reduced;

Can be used in multiple Piston Air Compressor grid supply occasions;

Reducing the maintenance of Piston Air Compressor and maintenance costs;

With a comprehensive short circuit, over current, over voltage, overload, undervoltage protection;