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Screw Air Compressor Less Wearing Parts, Low Failure Rate
- Aug 04, 2017 -

Screw air compressor with high capacity compression components, the rotor cylindrical speed is low and to achieve the best oil, to achieve high efficiency, high reliability. The same time as

Screw air compressor with: high stability, high efficiency, small vibration, low noise and other advantages. The same time as

Yin and yang rotor and the rotor and the chassis with the set, so that the gas back to the leakage of less, while no clearance volume, so the high efficiency.

The sprayed lubricating oil has the function of sealing, cooling and lubricating. Compared with the piston machine, the wearing parts are few and the failure rate is low. The screw compression working curve is smooth and the vibration is low compared with the piston machine. The same time as

Cooling methods are generally divided into: water cooling and air cooling. The same time as

Cooling system: the use of plate-fin structure, and high-quality materials to ensure that the cooler pressure, high thermal efficiency, good corrosion resistance. The same time as

Air filter: heavy duty, multi-stage air inlet filter, dust removal accuracy 1um (98% filtered), large face, relatively long service life. The same time as

Oil / gas separator: A new generation of separators with a new filter material, more efficient, air oil content of less than 2ppm.

Intelligent controller: air compressor running all the operations and related data are displayed on the control panel, do control between your fingers, easy and convenient. The same time as

The screw air compressor drives the compression assembly at the optimum speed for the intended use by means of a high efficiency drive system. There is no maintenance during normal operation. Air Compressor Equipment - Screw Air Compressor The original compressor design saves unnecessary maintenance costs. All components are designed with long life, large size inlet filters, oil filters and fine separators to ensure optimum compressed air quality. All oil filters and 22kW (30hp) within the various models of the separator components are centrifugal opening and closing, maintenance time to further reduce.

Screw air compressor is a high-speed operation of the volumetric air compressor, which is the use of yin and yang rotor meshing with each other to produce volume changes, resulting in compressed air. Due to the high speed of the screw air compressor, the exhaust frequency is high, the exhaust pressure is almost no pulsation; the screw air compressor is less wearing parts, the reliability is high and the life is long; the screw air compressor is easy to maintain, , Oil filter, oil filter; screw air compressor control system, a high degree of automation, can be achieved unattended. Air compressor with the overall box, do not need a large foundation, can be placed on the ground can be. Due to the unparalleled superiority of the screw air compressor, it has been widely used.

With the increasing popularity of screw air compressor, screw machine manufacturing technology is also more mature, continuous improvement of the control system, controlled by the conventional microcomputer to frequency control, gas regulation efficient, energy saving, the use of more convenient. But no matter how the control system to improve, air compressor are equipped with emergency stop button. When the running machine suddenly fails, due to the speed of occurrence, too late to stop according to the normal procedures, in order to prevent a greater accident, press the emergency stop button to stop, so you can minimize the loss.

1), selection to "need to shape" with the needs of customers, to find the best operating economy, the future expansion of the scale need to make a lot of decision-making. The basis for decision making is the use or use of compressed air, focusing on the calculation of air demand, reserves and future expansion, and pressure is a decisive factor that has a significant impact on energy consumption, with different pressures The machine may sometimes be economical.

2), the calculation of working pressure

Compressed air equipment determines the necessary working pressure depends on the compressor, equipment, piping, the highest working pressure to determine the necessary device pressure, while the gas point with a pressure relief valve to meet the equipment needs, in extreme cases, with a Taiwan alone air compressor is very economical.

Working pressure: the ultimate user + the final filter + piping system + dust filter + dryer + compressor adjustment range

The higher the pressure, the greater the power consumption, the size and length of the piping should be taken into account the pressure drop. Listed the use of various models of pressure, such as the use of pressure difference is too much, you need to purchase different pressure of the air compressor, can not reduce the use of pressure to increase the cost of expenditure.