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Screw Compressor Benefits
- Dec 08, 2016 -

1. high reliability and fewer parts, no wearing parts, thus its reliable operation, long service life, screw machine host headers in general design life of 30 years.

2. convenient operation, high degree of automation, through specialized training of the operators do not have realized unmanned operation.

3. dynamic balance is good, there is no balancing of inertia force, high-speed machine can smoothly work to achieve a base running.

4. strong adaptability and characteristics with mandatory gas, flow almost exhaust pressure does not affect, in a broad range of operating conditions to maintain a high efficiency, in the case of compressor without making any changes, for a variety of conditions, so easy to stereotype production.

5. multiphase mixing transportation, actually have gaps between teeth on the rotor surface, resistant to liquid shocks, pressure containing liquid gas, dust-containing gas, easy aggregated gas.

6. slide valve to regulate the flow does not need to play back, can effectively reduce energy consumption.